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Hi, I’m Shelly Lavan, an expert in branding, content strategy and messaging I have been assisting companies, brands and businesses for 25 years. I have been leading hundreds of projects in marketing communication, both internal and external. Among other things, I specialize in development of digital assets, planning customer journeys and content-based marketing funnels. I lecture and facilitate workshops on content-based marketing, marketing writing and brand language development. I have an MA in Political Science with a specialization in public communication and a BA in social sciences and Hebrew language – both from Bar Ilan University . 

Build a Strong Brand Narrative

Brand Language and Messaging Strategy

We will develop a unique and differentiating brand language that shapes the brand identity, building a narrative, influences conceptions and sentiments towards it and enhances engagement among target audiences. The process entails cracking the genome and brand DNA, defining personality cornerstones, values, vision, and as a result – developing a unique brand voice, determining a uniform and consistent terminology that is carefully selected, style and tone, and formulating a bank of messages that frame the narrative well and help it resonate.




Content strategy

I build a strategic content plan along with you, aimed at optimizing marketing performance and supporting the promotion of your business goals. Content strategy which is based on personal research and careful specification of a customer journey, and translates into an operative tactical work plan that includes planning complex marketing funnels and formulating work processes.


Customer journey and marketing funnels

Making the sales process simple and efficient, by correctly specifying the stages of the consumer journey, mapping out touchpoints in the various online and offline channels, prediction of scenarios and behaviors, planning interactions and planning trust-building content and messages that promote potential and existing customers to make a decision and close the sale with minimal effort on the part of salespeople.

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